Funeral Ceremonies

Create a joyous celebration of the person and remind those left behind of the way they made them feel.

Have you ever been to a funeral and come out thinking that you might have been at the wrong service?

Me too! When someone we know dies there is an empty feeling, we go to their funeral with an expectation that we might feel some sort of connection and comfort.

When that doesn't happen it feels like the person didn't get what they deserved.

It can feel a bit "production line" or as I like to call it Blah!

It was just how they would have wanted it


Why choose me?

I meet with family and friends (if you invite them) It takes time and trust to get a real feel for who they were, so if there is a cuppa I am always grateful.

I like to ask a few questions but really the best bits come when the family have forgotten who I am and why I am there and just talk between themselves, bouncing thoughts and memories around.

I'm just there scribbling away, trying to get it all down.

Once I have written the story I send it over for checking... I want to get this right!

On the day I can talk confidently about someone I may never have met in person because I have met them through the love of the people who knew them best.
I want every person to feel that they have been able to reconnect with their memories.

I want every person to feel that they have been able to reconnect with their memories.

Find your perfect fit.

I love my job! In the last 6 years I have "not met" some amazing people and made some incredible friends.

I have also met a fair few either because they know that they are preparing for death and want to be a part of planning their service, or I may have been invited back because I have looked after someone for them previously.

Either way, it is an honour.

My funerals are not filled with doom and gloom. Yes it is important to respect the grief but it is also important to remember the life.

I love a good story and if it makes you happy to hear it then I know I have hit the spot!


I'm not a celebrant who runs from one service to the next!

I like to give my total focus to what I am doing and build a connection with the family and funeral director.

Each funeral begins with a short call to arrange a chat at a time and location to suit you
We meet around a week before the funeral - invite who you like, pets, pals, children are all welcome.

I send over the running order, music etc to the funeral director.
I write up the story and send it over to you for checking.
On the day I arrive early, check that everything is ready and deliver the service After the service I can provide a copy of the full script if needed.

If you need me to attend when you inter or scatter the ashes just ask .

Your funeral director might not know me! You can ask for me by name or you can book me directly.