Your wedding your way

About #banishtheblah

You know when you go to a wedding and you think "come on, we want to get the party started...."

Can you imagine being the couple and thinking that your ceremony is boring? What a sad thought.

With a banishtheblah wedding there will be none of that!

Your guests will be intrigued, surprised, entertained and of course, you will see lots of smiley faces all around you!

Let's get the party started!


Creating something WOW!

By working with you I create the best wedding ceremony at a time to suit you in a place to suit you. You deserve more than a generic 20 minutes .... this is a big day!!!

I'll create something which will wow your guests, make you laugh, involve your favourite people and animals and be totally and utterly you!

Something utterly you!

Find your perfect fit.

There are lots of fantastic celebrants out there!

I call choosing the right one for you "the comfy shoe theory" never mind what anyone else is wearing..... this one has got to fit you!

If you want a Celebrant who makes you laugh, gets who you are, and can magic your nerves away then I'm the right person to call!
I love seeing your ideas, chucking in a few of my own and then seeing it all come together.

I'll get to know your key players, play with your kids, sing, dance, dress up as a dinosaur (or a pikachu) make your ceremony happen, and generally have a lot of fun along the way.


The ceremony package includes :

  • green-flower

    3 months of support and excitement

  • green-flower

    Initial planning meeting to gather the basics and get to know each other usually at your home over a cuppa. cats/ dogs /kids not a problem

  • green-flower

    Project plan with all actions / homework!

  • green-flower

    Second planning meeting to add details like music/ vows/ readings

  • green-flower

    Updated project plan with top secret questionnaire

  • green-flower

    Your unique love story written to share on the day

  • green-flower

    Walk through with key players at your venue if required/possible

  • green-flower

    Use of ceremony PA & tablet

  • green-flower

    Playlists for pre/ during music

  • green-flower

    Printed vows and readings

  • green-flower

    Certificate in a folder to sign and wax seal

  • green-flower

    Use of ceremony resources

  • green-flower

    Symbolic ceremonies

  • green-flower

    On the day set up and delivery of the ceremony

  • green-flower

    A4 folder containing your readings, vows and a copy of your script

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    My 2024 fee is £750

and of course

And of course, lots of fun, laughter and genuine attention to detail.

Although I can't complete the legal registration of your marriage this can be done in a short Statutory Ceremony with just yourselves and two witnesses at the register office.

It costs under £60 and is well worth doing for the legal protection it gives you both.

I would love to know more about your ideas for your ceremony. Once you have a date in mind if you would like to arrange a free 30 min zoom to ask any questions and see if we are a good fit just let me know a couple of dates & times when you would be free to chat and we can get it booked in the diary.

Let's get hitched

See it all come together

It's a brilliant feeling when I see everything that we have planned actually happening!

Whether that is a bride chopping wood and building a fire, or a nervous groom laughing and smiling as he says his vows.

Whoever you love and however you want to show that, the joy I bring to you both on your special day is why I do what I do.