Join me in my mission to #banishtheblah


About #banishtheblah

My site is just a small glimpse into the fun and feeling that is #banishtheblah.

It gives you an idea of who I am, the way I work, and the services I offer.

I hope that you will join me in my mission to change the way we approach key milestones in life and to see that the restrictions that you have always believed were there really don't apply!

I am smiley, creative and and a teeny bit silly.

I love anything colourful, kawaii or spooky and I am happy to join in if you feel the urge to dress to a theme

So if you believe in being completely and unashamedly yourselves then that's a really good start.

You have one shot at this, let's get it right!


About Belinda

I love my job and have met some incredible people in the last 7 years. I don't take myself too seriously but I take my work very seriously indeed.

We are working together to the same goal so you need to know you are in safe hands, I am fully insured and have extensive experience in both information gathering and delivery.

I like cats, dogs, kids, cake and chocolate.

And most exciting of all.... I can drink my own bodyweight in tea!

Find your perfect fit.

There are hundreds of Celebrants out there and it is really important that you find someone you click with.

I think of it in terms of comfy shoes... I might say to my best friend that the shoes I am wearing are perfect and everyone should get a pair.

Imagine if they are too small, too high or if they just rub and make you feel really miserable.

Hopefully you are inspired by what you see here, and you want to know more about #banishtheblah


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